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Smoking Cigarettes

Health Risks of Smoking Cigarettes

A cigarette is basically tobacco that is rolled in paper for people to smoke. Cigarette is made by several chemicals which most of them are harmful to human life. Chemicals that make up cigarette are cancer prone. Smoking cigarettes should be stopped because its effects are more harmful to one’s health and the passive smoker. Cigarettes do not only affects a person’s health but also pollutes the environment. Someof the risks of smoking cigarettes are going to be discussed extensively as follows.


Chances of a person who smoke cigarettes to develop cancer are very high. Cigarettes contain chemicals that are high causatives of cancer. It’s not only lung cancer that cigarettes smoking can cause. Smoking cigarettes can cause cancers anywhere in the body like esophagus, cervix, blood and stomach. As facts have it death is likely to occur when one suffers from cancer if not diagnosed at earlier stages. Even some of the alternatives like vape modes, vape mods with e-juice flavors and vape pens have not shown to reduce the risk.

Respiratory Diseases

Excessive smoking of cigarettes has a hazardous effect on ones respiratory system because it causes damage to the lungs which is the main component of respiratory system. Cigarettes destroys the airways which eventually causes make it difficult for air to circulate freely in and out of the lungs and the rest if the body. They are not good for asthmatic people because it is easy for an asthmatic person to have a heart attack and if not responded with efficiency it causes death even when using vape mods.Checkout website at https://vapeanalyst.com/best-e-juices

Disorders to the Unborn and Other Health Problems

Women who are pregnant and smoke expose themselves to very dangerous risk which may be costly. Some of the risks smokers who are pregnant unknowingly face are: Early delivery, Low birth weight, and stillbirth. On men who smoke cigarettes they have lowsperm count which can lead to someone becoming impotent. This kind of sperm has a lot of complication it may start to grow but eventually fall to cause miscarriage or having children with several birth defects. Most people who smoke have a big problem with their teeth and gums because cigarettes creates bacteria that act on teeth hence falling or even at times painful. A lot of cigarette smoking makes people to develop cataracts which make the user to have difficulties to see.

Cardiac and Blood Diseases

Smoking CigarettesCardiac diseases are those diseases that affect the heart while blood diseases affect the blood vessels. Cigarettes affect the heart by acting on the blood vessels and destroying them and when the blood vessels are tampered with the effect is immediately transmitted the heart in terms of the speed of the heartbeat. It can cause a stroke simply because when the blood vessels are damaged and made thinner may cause a blood clot. Alternatives like nicotine theraphy and vape mods can be used to reduce the effects.Read post from https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/2521928/new-cigarette-laws-smoking-plain-packaging/ for more info.


Cigarettes can cause death because with the kind of the diseases that is associated by smoking it. Starting with cancer which automatically leads to death. In cases whereby emergency response is slower one can succumb especially to situations like a stroke or even a heart attack which smoking cigarettes plays a big role. Cigarette has the highest mortality rate and people should restrain from it.

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